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Our style of dog training is rewards-based, using healthy and fair balanced practices for desired behavior. Dog training is like a muscle; for best results, you need to work out and stimulate their memory every day. In dog training, there are two sides of the equation— and the other side is you!

Having ONLY the dog trained may be less expensive at the beginning; however, the results won't last in the long run. Dogs are not autonomous— they possess personality, flaws, and cannot be programmed for perfect performance. Our goal is to teach you how to communicate your needs and expectations efficiently by rewarding good behavior and electing consequence for poor performance.

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Our goal is to teach you how to more effectively and efficiently communicate your needs and expectations to your dog. Of course, it will be easier because we have effectively taught your dog a new "language" while in training with us. Now we teach you that same language. By the time he or she leaves our home for your's, you will have a better understanding of your dog and a more effective way to communicate with him or her so that the training we have done will last a lifetime.

A FREE phone consultation is available for all dogs.

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Dog Evaluation

In order to begin your dog’s new journey, an evaluation MUST be done first and foremost. If you recently added a pup or dog to your family, but not sure about the next step— FullPotentialK9 is where to start.

Starting at $100.00

Board & Trains: Full Immersion

We find that one of the biggest problems with trying to do everything yourself at home is dogs do not get the exposure they need to be fully balanced. With board and train, your dog will benefit from training in private and group settings (more than one dog) as well as off-location in realistic environments.

Starting at $2,400.00

Private Lessons

Want to reach your Full Potential? Schedule a one-on-one training class for you and your dog at our location in Boca Raton, Fla. In addition, we offer private sessions at your home; distance is limited to those within 15 miles from our location.

Starting at $100.00

Group TRaining

Once both you and your pet meet the required prerequisites, you both can join our semi-private group sessions to work in a controlled group setting with five to ten other owners and their pets. Group classes are held Wednesday nights, Saturday mornings and Saturday afternoons at various dog-friendly locations to generalize behaviors.

Starting at $40.00

Dog Evaluation

In order to begin your dog’s new journey, an evaluation MUST be done first and foremost. If you recently added a pup or dog to your family, but aren't sure about the next step— FullPotentialK9 is where to start.

First, your dog will be thoroughly evaluated by owner and head trainer, Dillon Mitchell. During this lesson, you will take the first step towards success through basic care, management and FullPotentialK9’s training philosophies.

Starting at $100.00

Board & Trains: Full Immersion

Our Board and Train program is our best program for getting results quickly. You drop off your dog, and we do the work for you!

Our Board and Train program is our best program for getting results quickly. You drop off your dog, and we do the work for you!

We put in hundreds of repetitions, and that’s what it takes to teach all the behaviors the correct way. We have programs specifically for puppies, for friendly but untrained dogs, for service dogs, and for behavioral cases such as aggressive and fearful dogs. Board and Train includes reliable on-and-off leash obedience, behavior modification, development of proper socializing skills, and much more.

Additionally, your dog stays with us full-time as one of our own to learn proper in-house manners. The dog will be dropped off for a three-week minimum and will be trained by a trainer multiple times in a day.

Our goal is to develop a dog who is obedient, confident, and can happily perform the instilled training with anyone and anywhere, at any time. At the end of the board and train program, your dog will be better equipped to adapt and socialize with new dogs, people, and other environmental factors. Owners will see improvements on specific issues as well as overall obedience conditioning.

Starting at $2,400.00

Private Lessons

Want to reach your Full Potential? Schedule a one-on-one training class for you and your dog at our location in Boca Raton, Florida.

In addition, we offer private sessions at your home. Please keep in mind distance is limited to those within 10 miles from our location, unless previously discussed with Dillon.

Once your dog is ready for different levels of distractions, we will train at different dog-friendly locations, to include parks and beaches, as not every dog will be ready for public-training distractions.

Starting at $100.00

Group TRaining

Once both you and your dog meet the required prerequisites, you can join our semi-private group sessions to work in a controlled group setting with five to ten other owners and their dogs.

Group classes are held Wednesday nights, Saturday mornings, and Saturday afternoons at our facility or at various dog-friendly locations to generalize behaviors.

Starting at $40.00

All of our training programs are catered to the needs of each individual dog
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and to learn more about specific pricing for each program.

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I have been a dog owner for most of my life and have had a few breeds, from Shih Tzu, Lhasa Apso, Tibetan terrier , long haired Dachshund to Brussels Griffons; all mellow, cuddly lap dogs. After losing my "heart dog" during the holidays I decided that it was time to have a French Bull Dog puppy. To me, they are the cutest, most adorable, funny looking dogs out there today. I found my perfect puppy to take home, to love and to shower with attention. Within the first few days of having my most adorable 8 week, 4 lb. puppy, she started showing some signs of aggression that I have never seen before! She had a voice that was telling me that she was the one in charge! Being completely baffled and shocked that my adorable puppy didn't want to sit with me on the couch and cuddle, but rather lunge at me and tell me she was not interested and that she was not a Golden Retriever, but a French bull dog, a breed that I had no idea how to handle and what I got myself into, I consulted with my veterinarian who suggested I get ahold of the situation as soon as possible and gave me a few recommendations to explore. After doing my research, I decided to go with Full Potential K9. The owner Dillon was accessible to me immediately and made an appointment to come to see me, wearing a mask of course, to evaluate my new puppy Fiona, or should I say the Tasmanian Devil! Dillion suggested that he take her for 3 weeks of training. Of course I was hesitant to give my new puppy away and especially for 3 long weeks, but I needed to do everything I could to make this work Dillion kept me apprised of her progress every couple of days which included videos and pictures so that I could see her in action. We also followed him om Instagram @fullpotentialk9 where we could see Fiona at work. This was very comforting since we truly did miss her. He was on top of her health issues from the very beginning and gave her all her daily medications that she needed and even picked up medication at the veterinarian when we needed a refill. Dillon was available 24/7 for my questions, concerns and answered my texts immediately. He bathed her, cut her nails and put her in real life situations so that she could be acclimated and feel comfortable with in the "real world" when she returned home to us. We came for several one on one training lessons where we learned the skills that they used during their training sessions and Dillon made sure he was available to us for training until we felt completely comfortable. After three longs weeks it was time to take Fiona back home. Once she came home, she was a new dog ! Dillon and his team worked their magic on Fiona. Dillon is a skilled professional with an abundance of patience and understanding and because of his experience and commitment to training animals he is an expert in his field. Fiona now walks by our side on a leash, heals wherever we go, she sits and comes and knows how to get on "place". This is amazing for a three month old puppy. We are so delighted with Fiona's new skill set. The training was worth every penny and we are excited to continue with follow-up training with Dillion...after all it does come down to the owner and their commitment to their dog, which we all have.. I highly recommend FULL POTENTIAL K9 for all of your dogs' needs! I know you and your dog will be thrilled.

Nicole R

We teach all commands

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CAll now 561 289 1713
Why do I need to schedule an evaluation?

An evaluation is important for our professional trainers to observe any inappropriate or unwanted habits, and to gather a baseline of your dog’s behavior, especially in public (we recommend doing evaluations here at our location). This also gives us a chance to discuss training goals, while creating realistic expectations for our students and clients.

Once the evaluation is complete, Dillon will be able to recommend an appropriate training program/package.

An evaluation enables us to make sure that the dog coming in to train with us will not pose a risk to any of our staff or students during their stay. If your dog is a behavioral case, we want to experience firsthand exactly what it is that we need to be prepared for. All breeds, issues, and sizes are welcome. We typically operate on a 2-week lead time.

How do I get started with Training at Full Potential K9?

The first step to enroll in any one of our Board and Train programs or private lessons is to schedule a complete behavioral assessment and temperament test. This allows us to observe your dog’s behavior, discuss your goals for them, and briefly work with your dog so that we can recommend the best course of action. Contact us now to schedule this.

What should I pack for my dog?

Food, feeding instructions, as well as a paper copy of your dog’s vaccination records.

What is the best age to do the Puppy Head Start program? 

The best age to start the training is between 8 to 12 weeks of age because that’s the puppy’s critical socialization window. It’s when puppies are super impressionable, therefore socialization, exposure, and confidence building are very important. That said, if you do early socialization yourself, then anytime in the two-to-six-month age range is great. Puppy training makes a huge difference so the more you do, the better!

Can you accommodate my dog’s special diet?

Yes. We are happy to accommodate any special diet requests, raw food diets, medication needs etc.

Do you guarantee your training?

We guarantee we’ll do our job, and we guarantee your dog will be trained, but we can’t control you and we can’t make you follow-through once the dog is home. Ninety-nine percent of our clients do an amazing job with their dogs once their dogs are home. They follow-through, they ask questions if they have them, and they see great success.

Occasionally, we have clients who think their dog is a robot and will obey commands regardless of inconsistency or lack of follow-through on their part. Dogs aren’t robots and they aren’t perfect. We are doing the hard work. All we ask is that you maintain it.We give you specific, customized, written and verbal instructions to help you do so! Listen to your trainer, and your dog will do great

What about follow-up training?

Some other trainers seemingly disappear after the dog has gone home. They don’t return your calls or follow-up with you. We’re not them! We care about you and your dog. We put a lot of hard work into your dog’s training and want to make sure we’ve done and continue doing everything possible to help you succeed. Follow-up lessons are included in most of our board & train programs, and after that we are always available by phone or email to answer any questions you might have.

Many of our clients continue sending us updates and happy stories months and years after their dog has graduated. We’re in this for the long haul and want you to know you can always count on us. We’re here for you!

Do you ever come to my house?

Yes! This helps us to further generalize the dog’s training and allows us to answer specific questions clients have in regards to their home set-up and environment. In everything we do, we strive to set dogs and their owners up for success.

Will my dog listen to me or just the trainer? 

Both. We generalize our training, meaning once we’ve taught the dog the commands he or she needs to learn, we have him or her work for multiple handlers in multiple locations around a myriad of distractions. Generalization is a key aspect to training that many other trainers don’t do. Our handover process is very smooth. We ensure that the training transfers so everyone is happy, and the dog can be successful at home

Will my dog forget me? 

No. In all our years of training, no dog has ever forgotten his owners. They may not realize their owners are in the room right away, during midway lessons for example, but once they see/smell them they are always happy to see them.

Will my dog only be training? Or will he get to have fun too? 

The way we train is fun for dogs, so in their minds their whole day is fun! Depending on the dog’s specific training goals and needs, we will do a combination of obedience, agility, urban agility, treadmill training, clicker training, and more. Many owners see how much fun their dog is having and wonder, “Will he want to come home?!”

How much will my dog be worked with? 

As much as he/she needs! We work with dogs often throughout the day. For example, a puppy might receive 15 short training sessions in one day plus a field trip and play time with other dogs! A rehab dog may do longer sessions to work through behavioral issues but will still be worked with often throughout the day. On average, board & trains do multiple sessions per day for a total of 1.5 to 3 hours of training (sometimes more).

Will my dog lose weight?

That depends! If your dog is overweight then yes, we will put your dog on a diet. If your dog is underweight then no, we will increase your dog’s food intake to help your dog gain weight. If your dog is a good weight, we will maintain your dog’s weight. Our in-home board & train is different from a stressful kennel atmosphere. Dogs aren’t surrounded by loud, barking dogs and overworked/underpaid kennel workers. They are part of our packs and have a great time visiting us for training!

What happens if my dog gets sick or injured?

In the rare case that something happens to your dog, we take care of your dog like one of our own! We contact you so that you can take your dog to the vet, or we get your permission to take your dog to the vet ourselves.  We’ve trained hundreds of dogs in board & train, and we’ve had zero accidents ever happen. We would like to keep it that way, which is why we are selective as to what dogs we take on for training. Since we are selective, are able to keep a close eye on dogs. This is how we keep dogs safe and healthy! We always know where they are, what they’re doing, what their stool looks like, if they’re eating and drinking enough, etc.

Will I receive updates while my dog is in training?

Absolutely! We send post to social media and, in some cases, we text photos and videos to our clients. We want you to always know how your dog is doing. That said, we do ask that you don’t ask for daily, detailed updates. We are busy training and want to use our time wisely. You can always ask for a quick update, but lengthy updates are usually sent weekly.

Can I come visit my dog?

Yes! Any programs longer than two weeks offer midway lessons. This is an opportunity for you to visit your dog, spend time with, and learn from the trainer. For programs shorter than two weeks, we do not offer midway lessons, but if you really need to see your dog we can make it happen!

Where does my dog stay in the program? 

In our program, your dog stays at our licensed facility attached to our vet, where our staff is able to attend to him/her. We’ve found this is the best way for dogs to get around-the-clock care and individual attention, as a trusted individual is with your dog 24/7.

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A FREE phone consultation is available for all dogs.

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