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Our style of dog training is rewards-based, using healthy and fair balanced practices for desired behavior. Dog training is like a muscle; for best results, you need to work out and stimulate their memory every day. In dog training, there are two sides of the equation— and the other side is you!

Having ONLY the dog trained may be less expensive at the beginning; however, the results won't last in the long run. Dogs are not autonomous— they possess personality, flaws, and cannot be programmed for perfect performance. Our goal is to teach you how to communicate your needs and expectations efficiently by rewarding good behavior and electing consequence for poor performance.

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Our goal is to teach you how to more effectively and efficiently communicate your needs and expectations to your dog. Of course, it will be easier because we have effectively taught your dog a new "language" while in training with us. Now we teach you that same language. By the time he or she leaves our home for your's, you will have a better understanding of your dog and a more effective way to communicate with him or her so that the training we have done will last a lifetime.

A FREE phone consultation is available for all dogs.


Dog Evaluation

In order to begin your dog’s new journey, an evaluation MUST be done first and foremost. If you recently added a pup or dog to your family, but not sure about the next step— FullPotentialK9 is where to start.

Starting at $100.00

Board & Trains: Full Immersion

We find that one of the biggest problems with trying to do everything yourself at home is dogs do not get the exposure they need to be fully balanced. With board and train, your dog will benefit from training in private and group settings (more than one dog) as well as off-location in realistic environments.

Starting at $2,400.00

Private Lessons

Want to reach your Full Potential? Schedule a one-on-one training class for you and your dog at our location in Boca Raton, Fla. In addition, we offer private sessions at your home; distance is limited to those within 15 miles from our location.

Starting at $100.00

Group TRaining

Once both you and your pet meet the required prerequisites, you both can join our semi-private group sessions to work in a controlled group setting with five to ten other owners and their pets. Group classes are held Wednesday nights, Saturday mornings and Saturday afternoons at various dog-friendly locations to generalize behaviors.

Starting at $40.00

“So thankful for Full Potential k9. My dog Rogue wasn’t like any dog I’ve had before. She was extremely hard headed when it came to anything. Constantly would jump on people and pull on the leash when I would walk her. I did a month-long board and train with Dillon and I couldn’t be happier with the results. She no longer jumps on strangers, taking her to the park and the vet where there were always a lot of other dogs is now a breeze. Since he started group classes I’ve also been able to keep up with her training and receive tips and tricks on how to best handle my pup in public places. Dillon has completely transformed my dog.”

Liz R

Full Immersion

Known as our most-effective program, Board and Train includes reliable on-and-off leash obedience, behavior modification, development of proper socializing skills, and much more.

Additionally, your dog lives with us full-time as one of our own to learn proper in-house manners. The dog will be dropped off for a two-week minimum where he or she will be worked by a trainer multiple times in a day.

Our goal is to develop a dog who is obedient, confident, and can perform the instilled training with anyone and anywhere, at any time. At the end of board and train, your dog will be better equipped to adapt and socialize with new dogs, people, and other environmental factors. Owners will see improvements on specific issues as well as overall obedience conditioning.

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A FREE phone consultation is available for all dogs.

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A review from a wonderful customer

"Upon contacting and speaking with Dylan he scheduled our consultation quickly and I signed a contract with him that day. He’s very professional and it’s obvious the love he has for dogs as well as their families. My son is currently in an emotional support dog training program with Dylan. After speaking with Dylan and expressing the concerns and needs I have for my son he was so supportive and highly recommended getting my son a support dog. The time my son is spending with Dylan and his dog has already made a big difference in my sons life. He looks forward to going and being with Dylan and his dog. I highly recommend Dylan to anyone looking for a professional trainer as well as a dedicated caring person. I am confident that because of Dylan and his amazing training program along with his genuine care for people that my son will be in a better place in life when he finishes."

Lori C