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Dillon (owner/founder/head trainer) discovered his passion and gift for caring for animals when he got his first dog, Star, at the age of seven, Star was a German Shepherd. Years later while Dillon was living in Los Angeles working in Music, he found himself missing something: the selfless companionship of dogs.

That's when Gunner, an energetic German Shepherd, entered his life. He worked with Gunner and multiple trainers in the Los Angeles area for over 3 years to build a strong foundation of obedience and protection. Dillon found that training dogs was his calling in life, and that he had a natural talent for it. Dillon then purchased another German Shepherd named Kirah and bred her. After selling the entire litter and developing relationships with the new owners he began training the dogs once they were ready.

In January 2019, Dillon completed one of the nation’s top dog trainers’ schools where he lived and went to school full time. This experience drastically improved his training skill set and conceptual understanding of canines.

He participated in all phases of training and client interaction, and excelled in pet training, competition obedience, competition AKC Hunt Test, specific odor detection, protection, and dog/human aggression management at the end of his time. Dillon not only had his professional training, he also trained over 50 pet dogs, successfully rescued and trained a dog through Needy Paws rescue while then having the dog adopted out to his forever home. Helped with working dogs and achieved an AKC Hunt Test Junior Title on his black lab puppy, Joker on his first birthday. Dillon later went on to work under long time pro Chris Akin down in Arkansas dealing with up to 130 dogs in the kennel at a time. Since school Dillon has successfully trained over 100 pet dogs, raised and sold two black labs to the depart of defense for detection work. Dillon is currently raising a Belgian Malinos puppy (Trower) for competition. Along with 2 black labs in hopes that he will also be able to place them go on to work for the depart of defense in detection. Dillon is currently being coached by world level competitors and continues to further his education every chance he gets by attending and traveling to different seminars. He plans to compete in IGP formerly known as Schutzhound/IPO along with AKC Hunt Tests, Dillon is part of a local IGP club.

"There is nothing more rewarding than taking a dog to it’s full potential. I’ve seen first hand how improving a dog and their owners relationship with the proper communication and training can literally save lives."


Owner, Founder & Head Trainer

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A review from a wonderful customer

Coco Chanel joined our family when she was seven weeks old. She was very cute and cuddly. But as the weeks went on and our walks got longer it became a major problem. She would not walk by my side, only crossing in front of me going side to side. It became very stressful but most of all dangerous. She was tripping me constantly. After a few weeks and not getting better, I decided I needed help. I researched trainers on the Internet until I found Dillon at Full Potential K9. I was impressed by all the great reviews and the five star rating. I had Dillon come to evaluate Coco right away. We talked as he studied Coco‘s behavior. I felt very comfortable when watching Dillon’s demeanor when handling Coco. I agreed on a three week training program at his facility. I didn’t want to wait any longer so I handed him Coco and anyway they went. During her training sessions I received updates and videos of her progress. After a couple of weeks I went to see Coco. She was walking amazingly well with Dillon. While there I was given a training lesson too. I needed to know how to keep her on track when she comes home. She also learned how to stay in place on a platform until she is released. Little did I know the command “place” would become the most favorite word in my vocabulary for some peaceful time for both of us. After Coco’s three weeks were up and she progressed so well, I decided to let Dillon keep her for two more weeks. Thanks to Dillon we now enjoy our daily walks without any worries. Coco will be back for some advanced training. If you are looking for a trainer, look no further, you will not be disappointed. Thank you so much Dillon, you are the best,

Karen Litvack