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"We were very excited. After long deliberation, we decided to bring home a puppy. Little did we know that our nice, tranquil home was about to be turned upside down by our new little four-legged terror. As cute as she was, we suspect that she may have been possessed. We tried to train her on our own but that led to frustration and failure. It didn’t take long to realize that we needed professional help. We interviewed several training facilities but the search stopped when Dillon from Full Potential K-9, Inc. walked through our door. The first thing he did was snap a lead on our unholy terror. While telling us about his program, he managed to begin the training process, within three minutes of his arrival. He reviewed our dog and we discussed the best means of turning her into a pleasant pet. Interestingly, after he left, our dog was much better behaved. There had clearly been a quantum shift in her behavior after a very short period of working with Dillon. Later that evening, Dillon returned to pick up our monster. The paperwork was quick and easy and he took care of all of our veterinary issues. During the training, we received astonishing videos of our dog actually behaving herself and following a myriad of commands. Beyond training our dog, we were trained as well. We have determined that our dog is now much better behaved, and likely smarter, than our ten year old boy. Full Potential K-9, Inc. did wonders for our family. Considering what they were able to do with the disaster we foisted upon them, I suspect that they could teach a normal dog to read Tolstoy. We were regularly impressed by their efforts and if you have brought, or are contemplating bringing, a new four-legged ball of joy into your family, we wholeheartedly suggest calling Full Potential K-9, Inc." ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ If you are looking for a Dog Trainer in the Boca Raton area, WE CAN HELP! Contact Us Now! 561 289 1713

Shaela W

"Before finding Full Potential K9, I was incredibly stressed out about training my dog, Jameson. He would bark so much while I ate that I actually would dread dinner time. He would jump up on countertops, pull on the leash while on walks, and whine/ bark nonstop in the crate. Since I was about to start law school, I knew I had to resolve the continuous circle of stress I was going through with Jameson, as I would try and teach him and nothing would stick. After I reached out to Full Potential K9, Dillon was extremely professional and eager to begin working with Jamo. Right away he asked what problem areas Jameson had and we scheduled a consultation. I cannot stress enough how shocked my mom and I were within ten minutes of Dillon working with Jameson during the consultation. He was completely relaxed, not jumping, and actually just laid down because he was so mentally drained from just a few minutes of training- clearly I was doing it wrong before!! Dillon came and picked Jameson up and I felt entirely comfortable knowing that he was going to be well taken care of for the duration of his three week training program. I was able to see pictures and videos on Full Potential K9's Instagram, as well as text Dillon directly for updates, of which he sent plenty. Dillon provides a one-on-one lesson before pickup and patiently walks through everything he taught your dog. It was evident right away how well he did with Jameson. Jameson was in "place" and didn't move off even after seeing me for the first time in weeks! (I promise he loves me!) I walked around the backyard with Jameson on a leash to work through the "Let's go" command, practiced using the training collar, and got a full download of what I need to do in order to ensure Jameson's awesome behavior continues at home. After getting home, I did just as Dillon instructed and so far am enjoying my dog so much more than I was before. Dillon has also checked in multiple times to make sure the transition went smoothly. I'm able to sit with him outside and not worry about him pulling/jumping/barking. I actually moved into a new apartment building while he was at training and Jameson makes me proud every time we walk around! People have commented on how well behaved he is while we're on the elevator! All in all, I cannot recommend Full Potential K9 enough. 100% worth the investment for both you and your dog so that you can enjoy life together more!"

Meagan D

"Upon contacting and speaking with Dylan he scheduled our consultation quickly and I signed a contract with him that day. He’s very professional and it’s obvious the love he has for dogs as well as their families. My son is currently in an emotional support dog training program with Dylan. After speaking with Dylan and expressing the concerns and needs I have for my son he was so supportive and highly recommended getting my son a support dog. The time my son is spending with Dylan and his dog has already made a big difference in my sons life. He looks forward to going and being with Dylan and his dog. I highly recommend Dylan to anyone looking for a professional trainer as well as a dedicated caring person. I am confident that because of Dylan and his amazing training program along with his genuine care for people that my son will be in a better place in life when he finishes."

Lori C

"Three weeks into his board and training, I'm impressed with Jack, our two year old sweet but impulsive, border collie - mix's significant improvement. Known to retreat and hide from several trainers, from the initial assessment, Dillon differentiated himself and took the time to gain Jack's trust, as well as mine. With Jack happily responding to Dillon, I knew FullpotentialK9 was the right decision for us. Under Dillon's and the team's guidance Jack is learning to temper his behavior, be a more confident dog and I'm learning to be a better pet parent. The home setting and multiple training trips in public are invaluable to Jack learning to behave in a real world environment. Dillon has impressive training knowledge, is an attentive listener, and effective communicator. He provides useful and practical solutions and treats both Jack and myself with kindness. Entrusting someone with your family pet is not an easy decision. Dillon and the K9 team have made it a positive experience. Jack is treated with care and compassion, and afforded plenty of attention while learning new skills. I look forward to having Jack home knowing we will both be in a better place as a result of Dillon's efforts."

Jennifer G

When we sent Fauci to Full Potential K9 we weren’t sure we were going to be able to keep him. He was aggressive and stubborn as can be. We desperately wanted to keep him and make sure he was ok with us and our kids. He came home a new dog. He is the sweetest ever and so fun. We could not be more thankful for everything that Dillon did! Fauci is now a huge part of our family happy fun and so friendly. We couldn’t live without him. I wouldn’t trust anyone else and I am beyond grateful

A Lewis

I reluctantly sent my Cane Corso with Dillon thinking she wouldn’t remember us, but I wanted to make sure she would listen, since she will be a very large dog. She came home yesterday like she never left after 5 weeks of training. Dillon did a phenomenal job, her behavior is much improved and listens off leash. I am confident I made the right decision and spent my money well. You will not be disappointed.

Barry Merrill

"We recently adopted a 2 year old American Stafford Terrier. She is a very rambunctious 50 lb girl. When visitors would come over she would jump all over them and we couldn’t stop her. We reached out to Dillon at Full Potential K9 for help. Dillon came to our home to assess our girl and it was amazing. He had her listening to him immediately. We initially signed up for a 2 week board and train. After the 2 weeks Dillon brought her home to show us her progress. He did wonders with her and we agreed that she needed an additional week to solidify her training. He brought her home after the 3 weeks and she was a different dog obedient wise. We had a family member come over and visit before Dillon left to see how she would react. He gave a command for her to stay on her bed and when they came in the door she didn’t move but you could see that she was happy to see the person, tail wagging. They went over and greeted her and she remained on her bed. He explained the continued work that will be necessary. Dillon is very professional and knowledgeable about training and you can see that he cares about the dogs. We appreciate all the help he has given us and highly recommend his service."

Audrey G

"Dillon is an extremely knowledgeable and experienced dog trainer. We've already seen positive results with our dogs after only one session! Dillon took a great deal of time answering all of our questions and concerns. He's currently working with both of our dogs; A three year Old English Sheepdog as well as a 9 week old Sheepdog. In our case we have hired Dillon for private lessons and he is working 30 mins with each dog. My wife and I are very pleased with his professionalism and valuable insights in order to achieve our goals and objectives."

Marc V

“Hi Dillon, After conferring with Nicholas, I can confidently give the following opinion of the effect of your training: We adopted a 4 year old Doberman from our local animal shelter, where he was described as “smiling" and not aggressive with other shelter dogs. Within a few weeks in our house his true personality emerged; while he was happy to go on walks, he was very aggressive with approaching dogs. Three times he snapped at a family member who came into my son's room or approached my son unexpectedly. He also bit me twice resulting in stitches. The veterinarian recommended returning him to the animal shelter, having him euthanized or administering a high dose of a sedative daily. At that point, I contacted Dillon of Full Potential K-9 to come to my son's apartment and do a behavioral evaluation. The "smiling" trait, he said, was actually an aggressive expression in certain cases, but he felt that the Doberman was one he could work with. Dillon picked the dog up at my son's apartment and worked with him for 4 weeks in a board and train situation. During that time, Dillon sent texts, pictures, and videos to describe progress and lingering problems. Now the dog is off sedatives, much friendlier to visitors, and obeys commands well on walks and in public. Dillon was realistic, though, about the Doberman needing to be my son's only dog. So, in summary, Dillon has an accurate eye for evaluating and correcting canine behavior and is honest in telling us what problems still remain. The photos of our dog at Dillon's home look like he is having fun there and is treated as a member of the family, so I would definitely send our dog back for further training or boarding as needed.”

Winston, Nick & Lynn C

“Hi, my wife and I purchased a German Shepherd puppy from Dillon. Dillon’s involvement with our dog from sourcing to training has produced an amazing pet and companion. I have had dogs all my life that have had different levels of training but nothing close to the dog that came from and was trained by Dillon. He is a pro at what he does and my wife and I constantly look to him for his advice and opinion. He no longer lives in Los Angeles any more and we still reach out to him and he always responds. We will continue to utilize him and look to him for his expertise, warm friendship and demeanor. We more than recommend him.”

Marlin, Lisa & Isaiah Kincaid

“We have a 9-month-old Golden doodle who was basically running our house. We had taken her for lessons at other corporate places but when she would get home she would go right back to her old ways. We needed help with training at our home. Within a few short weeks of full potential k9 coming to our home and teaching us how to train her she is like a whole new dog. They also offer group classes twice a week that we will be going to in order to keep up on her training. We highly recommend Full Potential K9.”

Winnie, Bridget & Mike B

“Dillon trained our dog Blue, a blue healer. He was very flexible and even took Blue to the vet. I was busy working and my wife was on crutches due to a knee replacement so his pick up and drop off service was a life saver for us. Dillon did a 3-week board and train with Blue, he then helped us purchase the right training tools and equipment than trained us on how to maintain Blues training. Thank you so much for making blue a great dog!”

Ron Deponce

"We were looking for a trainer for our eight week old Cavalier King Charles spaniel. When we contacted Dylan he was responsive he took his time to really listen to what our needs and concerns were. Dylan actually even helped us through our first night because we had never crate trained a dog before and the information he gave us was invaluable our dog needed to be in the crate for safety and for training purposes It was initially stressful with the puppy crying and We really didn’t know how to handle that and I credit Dylan for giving us some very helpful tips which greatly lessened the stress on us as well as the puppy. I like to say he provided us with training so that we could train our dog he was patient and extremely knowledgeable and clearly has a passion for dogs. I also like that he contacted us via text so that he could set up specific times for us to have the phone call he was prompt. Our 10 week old dog is housebroken listens to commands walks on a leash With the tools Dylan provided us we are able to continually work with our puppy throughout the week and will be able to continue throughout his life so that our rambunctious puppy will become a well mannered dog. The private lessons were extremely helpful with our dog but we look forward to group lessons as well to continue the education that has been so beneficial for our puppy as well as us. Dylan was extremely punctual if he was going to be five minutes or 10 minutes early he advised us or if he was going to be five or 10 minutes late he advised us. Dylan was professional and courteous and was very honest about the work we would have to put in an order for this to be successful which we greatly appreciated. I would recommend Dylan and his service to anybody who has a dog or a puppy and is looking for a top notch trainer Who takes their work seriously is punctual and professional"

Kasey T

"Dillion is one heck of a trainer. He is professional and the quality of his work is top notch. Our American Bulldog YaYa went to him at 8weeks old and did the 6 week boarding program. He also trained us on how to maintain her work. She came back to us a brand new dog, which was amazing. I never thought it would be possible, but Full Potential proved me wrong. They are extremely good and I highly recommend their services!!!!"

Latoya J

“Before we met Dillon @ Full Potential K9 our rescue German Shepherd dog Luna was skittish and afraid of people. She had attacked our other dogs in our house and showed severe aggression towards people when they came in our home. She wouldn’t pay attention to me and wouldn’t listen to any commands. We hired Dillon for a half hour 3x a week for private lessons for 3 months. Dillon provided us with research on proper collars and a place bed we should use and purchase. I can now take her places and she will mind me very well. We thank you Dillon for helping us have a dog that will listen and not bark at everyone she sees.”


“So thankful for Full Potential k9. My dog Rogue wasn’t like any dog I’ve had before. She was extremely hard headed when it came to anything. Constantly would jump on people and pull on the leash when I would walk her. I did a month-long board and train with Dillon and I couldn’t be happier with the results. She no longer jumps on strangers, taking her to the park and the vet where there were always a lot of other dogs is now a breeze. Since he started group classes I’ve also been able to keep up with her training and receive tips and tricks on how to best handle my pup in public places. Dillon has completely transformed my dog.”

Liz R

“We’ve started group public group class lessons about a month ago and have received exceptional training through full potential k9. Dillon is very attentive and gives clear instructions. It’s been a great way for us to build a better relationship with our dog and shape him into the perfect pet. We did twice a week group classes because of our financial situation and feel we made a great choice. 10/10 would recommend.”

Sarah K

“Dillon is an extremely knowledgeable and experienced dog trainer. We’ve already seen positive results with our 2 dogs after one session. We have hired him for private lessons 3x a week for 5 weeks! Dillon took a great deal of time answering all of our questions and concerns. He’s currently working with both of our dogs. Maggie a 3-year, old English sheep dog, and Bowie a 9-week-old English sheep dog. He is working 30 minutes with each dog. My wife and I are very pleased with his professionalism and valuable insights in order to achieve our goals and objectives.”

Marc & Donna

“Hi, I rescued a German Shepherd/Husky mix. My husband is a cop so I went to the police station and talked to the local police department for help finding a trainer. One of the k9 officers recommended Dillon. I met Dillon and the k9 officer at their competition practice Tuesday evening and Dillon evaluated my dog right there on the spot. We ended up signing up for private lessons and started meeting 3x a week for a half hour each. During this time I decided it would be best due to my work schedule to do a 2 month board and train. Dillon took Max everywhere with him. Through his training I can see his fear of men becoming less and less. As a rescued dog, I was not sure how he was treated prior to becoming part of our family. Max had no boundaries or rules. Dillon has helped the transition process with helping Max learn in such a short period of time. Dillon is always answering all of my questions and has even provided articles and videos. We still see Dillon at his local public group classes that he holds twice a week. I recommend Dillon to my friends and family.”

Sherry C

"I was looking for a trainer for my dogs that had serious reactive issues so I had my 2 year old Australian Shepherd board + train with Full Potential K9 and I am so happy that I went with them. They were very helpful in also teaching us what she’s learned during her time there, and Luna has been doing so much better! Can’t wait to get my other puppy training with them soon too!"

Kelica Kate K

"I was very nervous about bringing a big dog into our family. I have only had small dogs and had no idea about training or feeding or anything. For German Shepard’s. Full Potential K9 has given us the tools to teach and learn as a family with out new German Shepard. I am comfortable and confident that we will have a successful, happy new BIG dog in our family. I would recommend Dillon 100%"

Joann K

"I was a little hesitant to sign up 4 year old English Staffy for the 2 week onboarding training with Dillon. Now my only regret is not doing sooner! Dillon is amazing with dogs and cares for them as his own. He is very knowledgeable and has a lot of patience. My dog came home obedient and playful with improved manners! I’m very pleased."

Joelle V

“My husband brought a German Shepherd puppy home at 6 months of age and she did not get along with the other dogs in our home. Anytime they were around she would try to attack them. She had anxiety and this forced me to move my 2 doxies and chihuahua into my bedroom and live that way (separated) for over a year. Finally, we contacted Dillon and with his training, we can now have all the dogs together In one room. He taught us how to teach her how to ignore the other dogs and focus on us and coexist peacefully. I cannot recommend Dillon highly enough for the difference he has made in our home.”

Georgia Z

“Dillon is doing a great job training our dog Buddy. Buddy is making great progress in his training. We are an older couple of 73 so having Dillon handle buddy our 10 week old blue healer puppy was a huge relief. Dillon is informative and personable. He keeps us up to date with Buddy’s progress, sends photos, and seems to take great care of him. He even handles trips to the vet for us! Thanks Dillon!”

Jerry & Nancy

"Dillon responded quickly to our need of training our 5 month old Dalmatian. He did an evaluation and accepted him into his next session of classes. We picked our puppy up after 2 weeks of training. He was able to stay or “place” really well. He is better with potty training now. He can walk on a leash and before he was a very stubborn walker. I notice different improvements every day. I have only had my dog back for 3 whole days so we are still training and enforcing his new behaviors every day."

Elizabeth G

"Very knowledgeable and helpful throughout the process. Provided a good starting point and taught both the owner and dog with patience. His experience in training dogs is obvious. He was very very flexible with the training dates and constantly asked for updates."

Peter S

I used Full Potential for my 8 month old Havanese puppy. She was barking, jumping and did not know right from wrong. Nothing we did seem to work. My mother used Dylan for her sheepdog puppy, so I gave him a call. Luna went and stayed for 4 weeks. I was able to see her and was they were in contact with ne regarding her traing status And updates. When I picked her up after the 4 weeks, I was amazed by the progress! Luna was able to sit and stay, did not bark in our faces and was so much more manageable. They taught me what to do at home to maintain her training. I couldn't be happier.

Jamie M

OVER-DELIVERS!!!! Amazing trainers, amazing people , absolutely and 100% trust them with my dogs. Knowledgeable and unbelievably communicative with their clients. Highly recommended! Go no further!

Natalia B

I was really nervous and hesitant to sign up my 6 month old puppy for the 2 week board and train program, but Full Potential K9 explained everything thoroughly and made me feel at ease. My puppy responded quickly and I felt like he was in great hands! The staff is friendly and personable and Dillon responded to all my questions via text message so quickly. My pup Beau is now at home and I can see a drastic difference in his behavior and ability to listen. We are so very thankful!

Katherine O

We couldn’t be more happy with the service and training our dog got during his 4 week program. Dillon and his team truly transformed our dog Achilles into the perfect family pet. I would recommend him to anyone looking for a dedicated trainer and can’t Thank them enough!!

Kassie F

I have been a dog owner for most of my life and have had a few breeds, from Shih Tzu, Lhasa Apso, Tibetan terrier , long haired Dachshund to Brussels Griffons; all mellow, cuddly lap dogs. After losing my "heart dog" during the holidays I decided that it was time to have a French Bull Dog puppy. To me, they are the cutest, most adorable, funny looking dogs out there today. I found my perfect puppy to take home, to love and to shower with attention. Within the first few days of having my most adorable 8 week, 4 lb. puppy, she started showing some signs of aggression that I have never seen before! She had a voice that was telling me that she was the one in charge! Being completely baffled and shocked that my adorable puppy didn't want to sit with me on the couch and cuddle, but rather lunge at me and tell me she was not interested and that she was not a Golden Retriever, but a French bull dog, a breed that I had no idea how to handle and what I got myself into, I consulted with my veterinarian who suggested I get ahold of the situation as soon as possible and gave me a few recommendations to explore. After doing my research, I decided to go with Full Potential K9. The owner Dillon was accessible to me immediately and made an appointment to come to see me, wearing a mask of course, to evaluate my new puppy Fiona, or should I say the Tasmanian Devil! Dillion suggested that he take her for 3 weeks of training. Of course I was hesitant to give my new puppy away and especially for 3 long weeks, but I needed to do everything I could to make this work Dillion kept me apprised of her progress every couple of days which included videos and pictures so that I could see her in action. We also followed him om Instagram @fullpotentialk9 where we could see Fiona at work. This was very comforting since we truly did miss her. He was on top of her health issues from the very beginning and gave her all her daily medications that she needed and even picked up medication at the veterinarian when we needed a refill. Dillon was available 24/7 for my questions, concerns and answered my texts immediately. He bathed her, cut her nails and put her in real life situations so that she could be acclimated and feel comfortable with in the "real world" when she returned home to us. We came for several one on one training lessons where we learned the skills that they used during their training sessions and Dillon made sure he was available to us for training until we felt completely comfortable. After three longs weeks it was time to take Fiona back home. Once she came home, she was a new dog ! Dillon and his team worked their magic on Fiona. Dillon is a skilled professional with an abundance of patience and understanding and because of his experience and commitment to training animals he is an expert in his field. Fiona now walks by our side on a leash, heals wherever we go, she sits and comes and knows how to get on "place". This is amazing for a three month old puppy. We are so delighted with Fiona's new skill set. The training was worth every penny and we are excited to continue with follow-up training with Dillion...after all it does come down to the owner and their commitment to their dog, which we all have.. I highly recommend FULL POTENTIAL K9 for all of your dogs' needs! I know you and your dog will be thrilled.

Nicole R

Dillon is a great dog trainer. We have a giant breed that had become very difficult for us to handle. We chose to do private lessons and the second Dillon came to our house we could tell he knew his stuff. Our dog instantly respected him. We will continue to follow his advice! Practice is key!

Jennifer F

OMG Dillon Is the greatest. Bravo actually walked on the leash instead of walking me. He has been with Dillon for three weeks now with him and his staff What an amazing job that I will have to keep up at home or else it will not work. Thank you so much!

Stacy L

I cannot recommend Full Potential K9 enough! Before Dillion our Labrador Retriever was uncontrollable on the leash constantly pulling, chasing things and made walks very difficult for us as you can imagine with a 65 pound puppy! Dillion has totally changed him on the leash to heal properly and now he is even off leash healing perfectly! He is also finally listening to our commands, we can’t thank Dillion enough! We could tell our puppy was totally happy there always a high waging tail! Thank you for taking care of our boy! 100% worth the investment to have a trained, well behaved dog, no more stress!!

Taylor A

Where do I begin. My husband works for a company based in Florida but runs the Boston office, we are back and forth a bit and wanted to take our French bulldog, bear (his name) with us. Bear was trained with a sit command but that is really where it ended with his discipline. I wanted a dog I felt comfortable flying with. We did a bunch of research and came across Full potential K9 inc. After reading through their webpage we set up an appointment with the owner. He came to our home, met us, met Bear and did a bit of an evaluation. We settled on a customized board and train program. The next day, with a huge lump in my throat I dropped bear off to The owner/founder/head trainer Dillon. He was very kind and respectful of the fact that it was really hard for us and that for me particularly hard. Bear is an emotional support dog for me and Dillon was going to start the process of getting him to service dog status. Within days of Dillon having our dog, we all discovered a bunch more about Bear, good and bad that needed work and extra attention. Bear was a bit slow to learn as Dillon had to first work on behavior modifications such as crate and sometimes people reactivity. The constant communication we had with Dillon whether it was a quick text, video or phone call was vital for us in getting through giving up our dog for what would end up being almost ten weeks. Dillon as well as his whole staff, was available when ever we needed anything. They also went above and beyond with vet visits, filling prescriptions and respecting Bear’s need to be on very specific dog food. After a few weeks of training my husband and I had a long FaceTime chat with the staff (we were back in Boston at the time) about Bear’s progress, and difficulties. The honesty, detail, love and compassion the whole staff had for Bear was evident. We as a group decided to extend Bear’s training and really dive into a bunch of commands and boundaries we all knew would be best for both bear and his owners (myself, my husband and our two children). WHAT A GREAT CHOICE!! The leaps and bounds he has make with listening and following a bunch of commands is unreal. Bear is now home with us but it is unbelievable how much he has learned and how much we have all learned. Dillon went the extra mile by meeting me several times in high traffic areas like Home Depot so that Bear and I could be tested and perhaps occasionally fail. Dillon was right there, to get us back on track. The other piece of this perfect puzzle known as full potential K9 is their care and detail in teaching the owners. I really didn’t appreciate my role in keeping Bear safe, happy and successful as a well mannered animal. I think at the end of training we all agree .. the owners are the harder ones to train;) so THANK YOU TO THE WHOLE STAFF AND a special thanks to Dillon and Emma for giving me back my dog with all these amazing tools to be his best self! When you leave the training facility and the loving staff you know you have a new, extended family in them. They made it clear and have checked in often to let us know they are one phone call or visit away if we ever need anything! Don’t walk.. run to Full potential K9. If dogs could talk they would thank you for that;)

Capsule Lifestyle Inc

Coco Chanel joined our family when she was seven weeks old. She was very cute and cuddly. But as the weeks went on and our walks got longer it became a major problem. She would not walk by my side, only crossing in front of me going side to side. It became very stressful but most of all dangerous. She was tripping me constantly. After a few weeks and not getting better, I decided I needed help. I researched trainers on the Internet until I found Dillon at Full Potential K9. I was impressed by all the great reviews and the five star rating. I had Dillon come to evaluate Coco right away. We talked as he studied Coco‘s behavior. I felt very comfortable when watching Dillon’s demeanor when handling Coco. I agreed on a three week training program at his facility. I didn’t want to wait any longer so I handed him Coco and anyway they went. During her training sessions I received updates and videos of her progress. After a couple of weeks I went to see Coco. She was walking amazingly well with Dillon. While there I was given a training lesson too. I needed to know how to keep her on track when she comes home. She also learned how to stay in place on a platform until she is released. Little did I know the command “place” would become the most favorite word in my vocabulary for some peaceful time for both of us. After Coco’s three weeks were up and she progressed so well, I decided to let Dillon keep her for two more weeks. Thanks to Dillon we now enjoy our daily walks without any worries. Coco will be back for some advanced training. If you are looking for a trainer, look no further, you will not be disappointed. Thank you so much Dillon, you are the best,

Karen Litvack

My dog had a baseline foundation of commands; however, he struggled to perform these commands at will and sometimes seemed disinterested. That is where Dillon came in. After working with Dillon, there is now a consistency. My dog is willing to perform commands when asked, walks at my side without pulling whatsoever and is focused on me when walking at my side and can perform a heel. He also now enjoys being on his “place” and will hold commands until being told he is free to do so. Dillon is flexible, easy to reach, and really wants to see the dogs he works with and the families he works with succeed after reintegrating the dog into the home. Dillon was available to answer all questions we had. We cannot recommend Dillon enough! He is professional and responsive.

Bradley Shanker

Our family would highly recommended Full Potential K9. Our puppy did the 4 week program, and came back completely obedient. You don't need to worry about personality change because our pup is still the same goofball--without the puppy biting and barking! Dillon was great at communicating and sending pictures. Definitely a 10/10 experience!


After 4 weeks in training, we were totally blown away by what we saw. The bad habits were gone....she had complete mastery of the basic voice commands, was great on the leash and lost over 20 pounds. What Dillon was able to accomplish with this dog far exceeded our expectations.

Stephen Kovach

Dillon is not only an amazing doggy trainer, but a really really awesome person. You can see his true passion and care for all of the animals he sees and takes care of, just as he would his own. Going into seeking boarding training for our 5 year old staffardshire terrier as we have a baby on the way, and her excitement and energy was becoming impossible for us to manage. I was so nervous and anxious about if it was the right thing for her and who could we trust. Dillon did not disappoint in anyway shape or form, and the entire 7 weeks our babe girl Bailey was with him I felt so at ease. She was truly living her best life and looked so happy anytime I saw a picture or video of her. She not only came back as the same happy, cuddly, and loving pup she was before but we instantly saw such a difference in her discipline. She actually listens now, with all the commands Dillon taught her and taking her for walks is actually enjoyable and manageable now. She is a very very high energy dog and Dillion really brought us to the reality of what Bailey truly needs to live her best life while being able to control her excitement and have extreme discipline. My husband and I have never been more committed to stay consistent with all the training Bailey was taught, and without Dillon it wouldn’t have be possible. I so wish we meet Dillon years ago, and I have already referred him to so many friends. If you have any doubts…. I can put you are ease, as he is the BEST out there without a doubt!

Gina Ludovico

I sent my 10 month old lab to the 3 week board and train and ended up keeping here there for an additional 2 weeks to complete the off leash program. She came home the same happy, wiggly puppy but now with manners. She is such a pleasure to walk now, before I could barely put her on a leash because she would practically drag me, no more jumping on guests, and when I take her out in public she stays right by my side waiting for a command and ignores all the distractions around us. Sending her was the best decision, I can’t recommend Dillon enough!

Arbra Edelstein

We have been working with Dillon for the last 2 months and he’s been excellent. Like many folks, I did a ton of research on dog trainers. One thing that stood out to me were the outstanding reviews that Dillon’s clients left for him and now I see why. Our first meeting with him was about an hour and he was very honest about the breed we selected, a Belgian Malinois. We chose to do the 5 week board and train. It was a big investment, but one that was very worth it. Our puppy is potty trained, sits on command, holds place and walks on leash great. She is socialized and good around other dogs and kids. Dillon thank you for everything and helping Roxy get started on the right track. Jim, Cherie, Bella, Sophia, Landon, Pierce and Roxy

James Eulo

Our Dog Kobe is a Belgian Malinois/Shepherd Mix and 3 years old. Two years ago Kobe had a similar training program in California prior to our move to Florida. We thought it was time for some 'touch up' training. After interviewing with Dillon We believed he was the right trainer for Kobe and enrolled in the 5 week program. Dillon is very professional and so focused on the dog's RE-actions, something I didn't see before. Difficult to write about all the details, the proof is in Kobe's new behavior, his response to his surroundings and my commands which are effortless. Since his training with Dillon, Kobe has traveled on airplanes, in a car across the USA , stayed in strange hotels and even been on a ferry to Canada! We are so proud that everywhere we take Kobe other people are so impressed how calm and well behaved he is. He officially has passport!! After picking up Kobe from Dillon he was so alert and active....K9 Kravings Dog Food is his favorite, hard to find on the road but he is so vibrant when he eats it.

Christa Butler

When my wife and I began searching for a dog trainer, we knew we wanted the best for our dog. We were referred to Full Potential by a number of people. Plain and simple… Dillon and his team are the real deal. They provided us with constant updates along the way which really eased our minds. We have had Kleo back home for a week now and she has blown us away. We were able to start taking her to public places and have received so many praises for how “well behaved” our dog is. If you are looking for the best trainer around for your dog, look no further! Thank you Dillon and the Full Potential Team!

Paulie Dispazio

We took our dog to PA and the compliments we received on how well she behaved was wonderful. I would highly recommend K9 to anyone looking to have a great relationship with their dog!!!!

Kathy Rangel

What an awesome experience! Dillion and his entire team are not only professional but true animal lovers. I had the utmost confidence that our GSP pup had special care everyday while he was boarded with their team and he came back to us with all expectations met! Dillion took the time to work with us to ensure we could reinforce the foundation and skills he taught our pup. I would highly recommend Full Potential K9 for all levels of training and I am happy to know we will be able to utilize their services again for boarding and additional training if needed!

Alicia Martinelli

Dillon is the best trainer one could find. He is extremely knowledgeable, firm and yet deeply caring for his trainees. I highly recommend doing his 5 week board and train for maximum results. The separation was not easy while my 4mo Goldendoodle was away but any concerns I had about him remembering me or his home ended the moment he returned. He had his same sweet personality but both of us are happier because any puppy behavior issues he had were gone and he obeyed commands from me for all the things he had learned with Dillon.

Steven Chanin

We can’t say enough about the amazing training our puppy, Sadie, got with Dillon and his staff at Full Potential K9. Sadie came to us as a rambunctious and rebellious puppy who definitely did not know structure or rules. After 6 weeks in training, she came back to us a more organized, rule-abiding puppy who was also happier as she had structure and better understood her boundaries. Dillon taught Sadie commands, such as sit, heal, and to go to her place, crate trained her, got her acclimated to walking on a leash, and also helped us navigate the sometimes treacherous process of potty training. Additionally, he helped to guide us on how to have a respectful puppy with two wild toddlers. He helped ensure we understood what Sadie was taught through our own training sessions with him so we could make sure to continue to reinforce her learning at home. Everyone who meets Sadie comments about how she’s well behaved, obedient, and what a gem she is to walk on a leash. Every step of the way through training and since returning home, Dillon checks up on our girl and is invested in her success (and happiness) in our family. Thank you Dillon and Full Potential K9 for shaping our sweet Sadie into our awesome puppy and helping her achieve her full potential. With gratitude, The Williams Family


We have trusted Dillon with our dog numerous times for a 4 week training, and multiple trainings. He creates a great environment for our 1 year old Doberman while keeping her up to date on training behaviors. He is always excited to see her even for short stays which reaffirms with me his love for our dog. Great guy and super reasonable and transparent.

Michael Rotter

Can’t say nothing but amazing things about my experience with Dillion. I did the 5 week boarding for my American bully Thor, he was very stubborn with commands and walking on the leash. 5 weeks with Dillion and Thor is like a new dog, still in shock by the progress that he made. If you know anything about the bully breed they are one of the hardest breeds to train, but that was no problem for Dillion. That itself shows the amazing skills he holds with training dogs, also to add Thor has multiple skin health issue which were accommodated by Dillion. Making sure his meds were taken, frequent baths and ear cleanings. Just amazing service if I could rate higher then 5 Stars I would!

Derek Milton

Dillon is the man! Our puppy did a board and train with him for 4 weeks and we cannot believe how well she is doing. I wish we would have known about him when we got our other dog. If you’re looking for a dog trainer, stop looking and call Full Potential K9 asap…you will not be disappointed. We love “Uncle Dillon!”

Lori Berk

Only amazing things to say about this place! I brought my 9 month old Corgi, Stella, for the 4 week board and train because I was having a lot of issues with behavior and it seemed impossible for me to fix. I picked her up yesterday and she is an entirely different dog. She’s so well behaved and the instructions I was given to maintain her training are clear and thorough yet simple. I am so happy with her results and the staff is super friendly and personable. My sweet girl loved her time there and the trainers as well. When I get a second dog, I am definitely coming back. I don’t think you’ll find a better trainer!!

Amanda Agemy

Dillon and his team at Full Potential K9 are absolutely amazing! Our ten week old Wheaton Terrier did his puppy training with Dillon and he came home the same sweet natured pup, but now he has manners! Dillon is a true expert in his field and we cannot thank him enough for all of the hard work and care he put into training and taking care of our boy while he was away from us! Additionally, Dillon continues to follow up with us on a regular basis to see how we have been doing at home with training. If you are looking for the best in dog obedience Full Potential K9 is it! Thank you Dillon, and everyone at Full Potential K9!

Melissa Dow

I’m a vet at WBVC and I hired Dillon and Full Potential K9 after he trained my sisters dog successfully roughly 2 years ago. I’m amazed that even after 2 years Gabbi still knows all the things she learned and comes to work with me all the time. Since then I have referred several of my patients to him, who have also had nothing but great things to say about Dillon and the level of care and results he provided. I recently sent Gabbi back for boarding while I traveled and she came back clean, smelling good, and brushed up on all her training. More importantly she loves Dillon and it’s really reassuring seeing my dog happy with him.

Rebecca Seiden

Best training ever. My Lucky Charms was so happy and my life is so much easier that he spent 4 weeks with Dillion. He really loves the pups and they love him. Highly recommend K9 and lucky will be back for sure for refresher classes and boarding.

Jennifer Rudnick

Dillon is truly the best! He did outstanding work training Porsche. She is so well behaved and truly a pleasure to take with us everywhere. I highly recommend Dillon!!! You won’t be disappointed.

Stacey Moberg


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