May 4, 2022

5 terms every dog parent should know



A dog’s temperament is essentially the dog’s general attitude toward people and other animals, and is a result of both inherited and environmental factors. Temperament testing in dogs is most commonly conducted for breeders and rescue organizations, but it can be interesting for any dog owner.

For instance, the Bernese mountain dog temperament is loyal, affectionate, and often cuddles with their owners. The golden retriever is known for retrieving things and being friendly. 

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Over vaccination

Over-vaccinating dogs is a growing concern for owners. You want what’s best for your pet, so it’s natural for you to question what’s right for their health. More recent research suggests that the annual revaccination of dogs is unnecessary, and could actually expose our pets to a greater risk of adverse effects.

If you are worried about over-vaccinating your dog, a titer test can help. It provides evidence as to whether your pet still has antibodies against a specific disease from previous vaccination. Make sure you educate yourself about this process.


If the titer is abnormally high, your dog has an infection that needs to be treated immediately. Titer testing can be used to determine the effectiveness of a vaccine or the presence of any natural immunity towards disease.

Leash Law

A law in many US cities and towns that says people must keep their dogs on a leash when they are outside their homes

Many dog owners believe checking the state laws for leash laws is enough, but in many cases individual cities or counties will have their own laws. You can get more information at this website:


The command “Down/Stay”

Whether you're training your dog yourself or taking them to obedience classes, teaching them these basic commands should start the day they come home with you. These are also the foundation in any good training program.

Practice often, and give generous praise as your dog succeeds!

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